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The Ultimate Spa Experience For Your Dog

Discover our new Spa Treatments, available now!

Special Facial Treatments

Choose from Tropiclean Blueberry or the Luxury iGroom Facial


  • Tropiclean Blueberry Facial

This mild, concentrated formula has natural exfoliating activity and gently hydrates. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and with regular use it helps to get rid of the tear stains and will not irritate eyes. Great for all skin types and pets of all ages.


  • Luxury iGroom Facial

Very gentle to eyes and skin. Contains an extremely mild surfactant which will prevent dryness and irritation by restoring the skin’s natural moisture while providing a deep cleansing bath. Light clean scent and hypoallergenic. Suitable for pets with sensitive skin. Sulphate and paraben free.


A relaxing head massage is included in this gentle treatment.

Moisturizing and Deep Conditioning Treatment with Argan Oil and Vitamin E


Perfect for dull, lifeless coats. This treatment will keep your dog’s coat soft, shiny, and super clean with the finest environmentally friendly ingredients that soothe and protect. Suitable for all coat types with the exception of heavy double coated shedding breeds and pooches with a naturally oily coat.

Whitening Treatment

This treatment is intended for dogs with dull white coats. It includes a whitening (non-bleach) shampoo and a rich conditioning treatment to intensify your pooch’s coat colour. Does not stain the outer layer of the hair surface, thus allowing passage of light through the translucent hair surface to amplify gloss and colour. We advise combining this with our Facial Treatment for a complete whitening experience.

Therapeutic De-Shed Mud Treatment

Perfect for short haired breeds, helps to reduce shedding.

Shed Safely Mud is a deep cleaning, sweet smelling mud bath, that flows with hydrating omega oils and is pumped full of B vitamins to help relieve and prevent excessive shedding. Shed Safely Mud is enhanced with extra beneficial ingredients to treat clogged hair follicles, remove loose fur, and release the undercoat. Mud is applied all over the body and massaged into the skin and fur.

Deluxe Pawdicure

This package includes a Paw and Pad treatment in the bath – a gentle deep cleansing massage with a brilliant combination of vanilla and milk thistle lulls your pet to a calm revitalizing paw treatment. Nail Filing and a relaxing paw massage with a specialty Paw balm (with organic Hemp seed oil) at the end of the groom. This soothing pawdicure will leave paws feeling totally refreshed. 

Cleopatra's Doggy Milk Bath

Cleopatra's Doggy Milk Bath* is a luxury spa product to provide the ultimate relaxing, tranquil and nourishing bath. The perfect product to spoil your pup with. Luxurious Spa Formula that Cleans, Soothes, & Softens Skin & Coat. The Milk Bath will immediately transform your dog's temperament and the environment around them into one of tranquillity and calmness. Once the powdered Milk Bath is poured into warm water, the soak turns into an effervescent milky delights as tiny bubbles gently massage and soothe your dog's coat. Stress will melt away!

Premium & Simple Ingredients - 100% Natural Whole Milk Powder and Honey add to the naturally soothing and conditioning experience

Noticeable Results - The dog's coat with look shinier and smoother with their skin feeling nourished and hydrated for days to come. Subtle & Long-Lasting Honey Scent.

*for small dogs only

Degreasing Treatment

With Les Poochs Pooch Botanique F&T Degreaser

A truly remarkable all natural formula great for safely removing ear wax, dried food, crust from ears, chins, and whiskers. Removes tar and gum, sebaceous oil, excess ear medication, yeast build up and “stud tail”.

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