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Grooming Essentials

Bath & Grooms are priced according to breed, size, coat, condition, and temperament. Feel free to contact me and I give you an estimate of a price range relating to your dog's size, coat type and basic condition. 

  • Consultation - Bring your pet in for a free consultation. So He/ She can get familiar with me and with the place and we can discuss your needs and desires, what would be the best for you and for your pet.  

  • Bath & Dry - Long or short haired breeds - doesn't matter. Everyone needs a bit of pampering sometimes. Or just to freshen up your dog between two grooms? No problem. Includes shampooing the dog at least twice, conditioning. De-shedding treatment if needed or de-tangling(if it's doable without hurting your dog), and a touch of a lovely smelling perfume and your pet is ready to go!

  • Mini Pamper - For dogs with longer coat that require more brushing with some tidy up. Includes Bath & Dry package PLUS extra brushing, and tidy up around bum, tummy, feet and eyes, clipping the nails, cleaning the ears, perfume.  To show everyone how cute and elegant your puppy is!

  • Full Pamper - Recommended in every 6-8 weeks depending on your dog`s style. Includes everything above PLUS a clipped style what’s suits the best for your dog and for your preferences. A touch of our perfume to finish the perfect salon-finished look for your pampered pooch.

  • Delux Styling – This is an ultimate package what includes all packages above PLUS an all scissored styling to the breed standard or as you requested, perfume. Recommended in every 6-8 weeks depending on your dog`s style. The Red-carpet look for your beloved dog!

Add-on services

  • Nagayu CO2 Spa Treatment - It can will help dogs with skin problems. It deep cleanses, removes odors, can help with some skin medical problems and allergies, dandruff, hot spots, yeast, tick/flea bites, itchiness, hair growth and all around improve the look of their coat.
    Read more about Nagayu here.


  • Anal glands expression

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