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Monika's Grooming is the official distributor of the HYPONIC products in Ireland

What is HYPONIC?

HYPONIC is short for “hypoallergenic”, Korea's leading hypoallergenic pet care product.

HYPONIC works with top-notch experts to study and provide the safest and healthiest lifestyle possible for our companion animals.

The brand Hyponic combines the finest and highest quality ingredients using leading technology with careful consideration to the animals.

We are committed to being a brand you can trust that. It's created from the heart with only the safest, quality ingredients so you can be sure that you are giving your furry loved ones only the best.

A brand which is all about caring about your family pet

HYPONIC - it's all started from a research conducted for a dog suffering from skin disease due to side effects of prolonged use of chemical shampoos.

Today Hyponic promise to bring you the safest, most trusted brand to your beloved furry loved one.

Our Products:

  • 100% Full Ingredient Disclosed

  • Excellent Award In Dermatest 2018

  • EGW Hazard Score (Score 1-2)

  • Non-Toxicity & Skin Irritation Tests Completed

  • No Sting

  • Free Of Surfactants

  • Free Of Fragrance

  • Free Of Alcohol




Do you know what ingredients are in your pet shampoo?

5 of Hyponic's products have acquired DermaTest 5 star Excellent Certificates.

Dermatest® is an independent scientific institute founded in 1978 by a German dermatologist.

  • HYPONIC Hypoallergenic Shampoo

  • HYPONIC Chitosan Deodorizer

  • HYPONIC Hinoki Cypress Detangling Mist

  • HYPONIC Gentle Cleansing Powder Wash

  • HYPONIC No Sting Hinoki Cypress Ear Cleaner

It is not simply an experiment to see the reaction after being applied to the skin once, but it has passed a clinical experiment to observe whether an irritating reaction occurs continuously on the skin every day for 30 days.

So, a 5-star certification means it's recognized for its safety, which means it won't cause any problems with daily use like a lotion. In fact, it was observed that there were no significant (detrimental) responses to the data observed and recorded by the subjects.

Moreover, in this 5-star experiment, the hypoallergenic properties of Hyponic products are similarly applied to dogs as well as humans, so it is more meaningful because we also received the opinion of experts. (A cleanser that is safe for both pets and humans.)



HYPONIC ear cleaner is the world 1st ear cleaner without surfactant.

Pet’s skin is much thinner then ours. Their ears are extremely sensitive to harmful ingredients and it is impossible to rinse ear cleaners out with water. Because of this, it has been HYPONIC’s top priority to create an ear cleaner using only natural ingredients.

Throughout our study, we focused on finding natural ingredients to replace surfactants without compromising cleaning capabilities.

Our Eras Cleaner is:

  • Free of surfactants

  • Free of harmful chemicals

  • 48% Chamaecyparis Obtusa (Hynoki Cypress)

  • Completed hypoallergenic skin test

  • Completed anti-mold test

  • Completed anti-bacterial test

  • Completed ear smell elimination test

Shake the ear cleaner you are using now. If foam form on the top, it contains surfactants.

Surfactants are chemical agents that are used to reduce tension between liquids. Detergents are surfactants.

Studies have shown that cleaning solution are most effective when containing over 25% Cypress extract. A 48% mixture presents the safest and the most beneficial antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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