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About Me

"My passion is my profession"

After I graduated university and worked a few years in the field of marketing but it became very clear that even though I liked what I was doing, it was not for me in the long run. As a child we always had pets: dogs, cats, parrots, fish, turtles and who knows what else... My love for animals was very clear. I wanted to find a job for myself where I can be with them. That is how I have found dog grooming.


I was very lucky because I had the opportunity to learn from the best groomers in Hungary. I have learned a lot from my teachers, I am very thankful for them. We worked with pet dogs but I was lucky enough to gain experience to work and groom show dogs from the beginning. At that time I had two Russian Black Terriers and with one of them, we competed in many dog shows. I am also a certified dog behaviourist, using the Mirror Method (was invented in Hungary and its based on positive reinforcement).  

In 2014 an opportunity showed up to move to Ireland and work as a dog groomer at the Island Veterinary Clinic in Listowel, Co. Kerry as a groomer. In 2017 I received my Veterinary Support Assistant Diploma.

I have moved to Galway in early 2019 and rented a table at the well-known Bubbles&Barks Doggie Spa in Bearna just a few minutes away from Galway city.

In May 2020 a new phase, a new adventure started in my life. I received the opportunity to take over the established salon of Bubbles and Barks. The superior and excellent service will continuously be provided along with constant upgrading and developing my skills and services. 


I have won several dog grooming competitions, and Best in shows in 2018, 2019, 2022. And in 2022 October, I won the Irish Dog Groomer of the year 2022 title at the prestigious, Irelands biggest Grooming competition, the Madra Mania.

Thanking all who have been faithful and loyal clients as well as new clients to come!

Please feel free to come in, have a look around and chat! 

Monika Petras


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