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About Me

"My passion is my profession"

After I graduated at the university and worked a few years as a marketing assistant. It became very clear that even tho I liked what I was doing, it`s not for me in the long run. As a child we always had pets: dogs, cats, parrots, fish, turtles and who knows what else... My love for animals was very clear so I wanted to find a job for myself where I can be with them. That`s how I`ve found the dog grooming.


I was very lucky because I had the opportunity to learn from the best groomers in Hungary. I`ve  learned a lot from my teachers, I am very thankful for them. We worked with pet dogs but also with show dogs. In that time I had my two Russian Black Terriers and with one of them we competed in dog shows. I am also certified dog behaviorist, using the Mirror Method (working with positive reinforcement).  

In 2014 I got an opportunity to move to Ireland. I was working at a Veterinary Practice as a groomer. In 2017 I received my Veterinary Support Assistant Diploma. I`ve won several dog grooming competitions, Even a Best in show in 2018.

Now I`m moving to Galway to start my own business. I`ve found the best place to provide an exceptional service for my customers. I will be located at the well-known Bubbles&Barks Doggie Spa in Bearna just a few minutes away from Galway city. 

Monika Petras