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 Teaching and Seminars

I love to share my knowledge with other groomers. Seminars and workshops available by request.

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Are you a groomer just starting your career? Or you already have a few years experience but you would like to improve?

I'm here to help.

I do workshops for small groups ( I prefer smaller groups so I have enough time for each groomer) or can do 1:1 training days, whichever suit you the best. I can host it in my salon in Barna, Co Galway or come to your place.

Would you like to improve your scissoring technique, get tips and tricks on everyday grooming, curious how can you speed up your work but still provide a nice and steady good quality grooms? 

Do you need help with every day salon grooming, different head styles?

Do you need help with your business? How to run it effectively, set your prices, manage your time?


Or you would like to know about competitive grooming? Planning to go to a competition but not sure where to start, what to expect? From prep work to what to bring with you and what to look for at the competition, I'll get you covered!

 I have years of experience in competing and happy to share it with you. 

Black Russian Terriers

Workshop and grooming demonstration

I'm in love with this breed since 2010 when I first met a beautiful female, and it was love at the first sight, I had to have one! Only a year later I bought my first female and soon after that my first male who thought me a lot about dog shows.

At the moment I have a Russian import female from the Adam Racy Style kennel. With Zoya we regularly go to dog shows and grooming competitions.

I see that since it's a rare breed, most groomers don't know exactly how to properly groom them. My mission is to show and teach other groomers how to groom this magnificent breed.

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