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Monika's Grooming

Irish Dog Groomer of The Year 2022!

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Discover the Ultimate Dog Spa Experience!


Exceptional service from a Multi-award and Best In Show winning Master groomer in Barna, Co. Galway

Bath and Dry

  • For short-haired dogs. Includes nail clipping, ear cleaning (plucking only if required and advised), nice foamy bath with a Premium-quality shampoo and conditioner, de-shedding if needed, blow drying, perfume.
    Your dog will go home squeaky clean, shining, smelling and feeling great!

Mini Pamper

  • For dogs with longer coat that require more brushing with some tidy up. Includes Bath & Dry package PLUS extra brushing, and tidy up around bum, tummy, feet and eyes, perfume. 
    To show everyone how cute and elegant your puppy is!

Nagayu CO2 Spa Treatment

Nagayu is a revolutionary treatment for skin problems. This system is designed to help dogs with skin problems such as skin irritation, hot spots, yeast build up, flea and tick bites, warts, odour, dandruff and dry skin! The Nagayu CO2 Bathing System also helps and encourages hair growth and leaves the coat and skin noticeably cleaner and healthier.

Full Pamper

  • Includes Mini Pamper package PLUS a clipped style what’s suits the best for your dog and for your preferences. A touch of our perfume to finish the perfect salon-finished look for your pampered pooch.

Delux Styling

  • Includes everything above PLUS all hand-scissored styling to the breed standard or as you requested, parfume.
    The Red-carpet look for your beloved dog!

Special requests

Please enquire if you have any special requests such as preparing your dog for a dog show. Specialized in Bichon Frises and Russian Black Terriers.  I`m happy to give you a free consultation.

For me the most important thing is your pet`s well-being. I`m only using the best quality products available on the market what`s gentle on your dog`s skin. A perfect pampering experience for your pet is guaranteed here.  

Monika Petras ICMG

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Monika's Grooming
Address: 3 An Coirneal, Pier Rd, Barna, Co. Galway
H91 V6KV

089 403 4182

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