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Proud to be a Shark Fin®Shears Ambassador!

I'm proud to be the first Shark Fin® Shears Ambassador in Ireland!

These amazing scissors make my every days easier. They are gentle on the groomers hand, gives perfect control and a beautiful smooth finish on the grooms. I've bought my first Shark Fin® Shears in 2016 and since then its my go-to scissors.  I couldn't groom without these scissors anymore. For every groomer I would highly recommend to invest in a good pair of scissors, you won't regret it when you feel the difference it makes!

What makes Shark Fin® different?

The innovative handle combined with the Shear Fit™ finger fitting system offer the professional stylist the ONLY true ergonomically designed shear in the world today. Only the Shear Fit™ finger fitting system allows these shears to be custom fitted to the stylists own exact thumb and ring finger diameter for perfect control, comfort and a relaxed grip.

They have spent more than 5 years developing and designing their shears, specifically to help professional stylists help their hands! They are so unique we have been issued patents on our Shark Fin® handle design in the United States, Canada and all of Europe.

The Shark Fin® shear is the most ergonomically designed and most comfortable shear available at any price!

Use Promo Code MP at checkout for a free texturizer and a free razor!

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